August 2016

Hey, while I can’t say that I like this, it is a bit better than I expected.

I’ve maintained my sobriety and don’t plan on picking up any new or old habits.  There is everything here from tobacco to heroin.  My sponsor has written me twice and my 12 step group has maintained contact through him.  My family has also written so I feel some what connected.

I’ve been able to get a good routine in this room and have been getting a lot of sleep.  My eyeballs are actually white and not red. Pretty scary. Down to 220 pounds.  The food is not bad.  Not home but not bad. Entirely edible.

On the information front:  I’m still researching RDAP.  XXX apparently has the worst program in the system due to some inherent corruption and on the national level there is a new wrinkle in sex offenders getting out early.  My feeling is that it may mean only contact offenders but my friend tells me it is inclusive.  I got my judgement and commitment sent to me finally.  The “Law Reporter” that we get online has the RDAP program in its May or June issue but I can’t go back that far. I did find out that today’s Law Reporter article has PA’s new bill that first time offenders are not required to register for life.  I think even second offenses but I’ll read it again.

I hope this list helps anyone contemplating incarceration.  Sorry for any redundancies.  I found your basic set up cost to get started and have a few snacks is around $600.00.  I’m enclosing the commissary list so you can get a feel for costs.  As a gauge of pricing:  the tuna and mackeral are those foil pouches at the grocery store.  The cookies are around 1/2 as many as the no name store brand packaging.  The candy bars are the actual brand name.  The “chocolate bar” is imported from Poland and is the large Hershey bar size.  I’ll write more later


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