“101” Continued

The guidebook continues:

16.  Mackerel and tuna money is only as good as the expiration date. New packages are dated two years out

17.  start out with around 20 mackerel as soon as you can afford it so you have “trade” currency.

18.  moving from place to place is done every hour.  You have a 10 minute move where you go from your unit to the gym or library or work etc.

19.  you have to apply for jobs and need to get one in the first two weeks of your permanent housing assignment or you will end up in food service.

20.  have your family go on google voice to save money on phone calls.  Do this before you go in if  they are not computer savvy.  Know the area code of you FCI.

21.  seating in the lunch hall and on the track area is determined by race, offense or beliefs.  Sex offenders have a sizable area as do drug offenders, neo-nazis, hispanics, etc.

22.  showers are easier to get a stall at off peak times but there are usually three bathrooms per floor.

23.  don’t bother with the sugar free candy.  It sucks and gives you gas.

24.  there are healthcare and medicinal items available at commissary

25.  don’t lie about your offense.  don’t advertise but never lie.  The internet has made your papers public knowledge.

26.  you are not allowed to take any uneaten food from the chowhall, i.e. apples

27.  you can’t sun bathe, got shirtless or shoeless in any room. use proper decorum

28.  carry a pen and a bit of paper so you can keep names and numbers straight. Also a pen is somewhat a defense if you get in a mess.

29.  urine tests are not taken at entry but can be randomly issues.

30.  cooking in the unit is microwave only.  Also a 190 degree water tap and ice machines.

more to follow…….

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