FCI 101 – Your Guide to Incarceration

The First Tidbits of Knowledge to Get You Through.

  1.  You will move at least once after you get here.
  2. keep your commissary receipts for proof of purchase especially on big ticket items like $99.00 Timberland boots.  If someone’s go missing then you can prove ownership of yours
  3. don’t buy big ticket items like $99.00 Timberland boots
  4. send all commissary receipts to your power of attorney.  You can claim up to 1/3 on their taxes
  5. your power of attorney can claim you as a dependent even though they’re sending you your own money
  6. roll toilet tissue on a flattened out tube like when camping and keep it in plastic (an empty hall’s zip bag is best) and keep it with you at all times.
  7. save a few bags in larger sizes to put thinks like shoes in for when you move
  8. don’t buy a ton of commissary food items until you move into your “permanent” residence so you can travel light
  9. find a “locker buddy” organizer to hang on your door as soon as you can.  They go for around 6 to 9 macs
  10. you will need to buy shelves for your locker.  They are $3.00 per shelf
  11. money is in goods…..macs and stamps
  12. get a pair of shower shoes immediately.  Fungus is among us
  13. buy shorts and sweatpants as soon as you can so you don’t have to wear a uniform all day. Ditto on sneakers.
  14. your initial clothing is temporary and won’t fit well
  15. when you get your uniform issue get it to fit as good as possible.  You will probably lose weight.

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