Lessons 31-41…..Meds and Money

Where did we leave off?

31.  Monthly toiletry issue is 4 rolls of tissue, 4 razors, a toothbrush and toothpaste for free.

32.  Newcomers get their lockers broken into in the first week if you are in a rough neighborhood.  Your first purchase should be a lock.

33.  Contact offenders usually do state time but there are a few “CHOMOS” in fed.  Actually SOs are about 20-25% of the population.

34.  it is beneficial to some extent to explore drug and alcohol programs (RDAP) or to enroll in occupational training.

35.  if your outside contact can get a phone with a 609 area code you will save on phone costs

36.  anything you say to psychology can and will be used against you.  This is not the place to “come clean” on unreported crimes.

37.  half way house and or camp are notorious for being more wild and dangerous for sex offenders but great for druggers.

38.  Moneygram is cheaper to use than Western Union to put money on your books.  (WU is about $13.00).

39.  If you use money orders sent to the official address for putting money on your books, use US Postal Money Orders.  They only take 4 days to hit.  Grocery store money orders can take up to 2 weeks.

40.  Buy immediate needs over the counter meds but don’t forget to have some emergency stuff around like omeprazole, zantac or anti-diarrheal.  Medical attention is not quick or efficient.

41.  Buildings have a Spanish TV room and usually around 4 other TV rooms plus a TV in the game room.  The other advice is to keep with your own ethnicity.

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