Lessons 54-64 CPAPS and Medical

54.  The library is open 12:30 to 7:30 except Friday night.  Saturday and Sunday night the hours are 12:30 to 5:00.  The limit is two books/two weeks.

55.  You can watch movies at the library by signing up for a spot on Saturday morning for the following week.

56.  Don’t but gravy or salad dressing directly on anything. Always on the side.  The taste is usually hit or miss.

57. Buy a 60 cent plastic holder for your I.D. card.  They wear out and are a pain to replace.  (you need it for food, library books, etc).

58.  Every room and building have their own personality they can be calm or chaotic.

59.  It is advisable to have a week or two worth of food snacks and supplies in your locker in case the building or the whole compound gets locked down for disciplinary, weather or other reasons where they only let you out for chow and back.

60.  The cheap laundry detergent works fine.  Tide is more expensive but it smells nice.

61.  If you have a CPAP machine, you need to bring it with you when you arrive and tell the person who assigns you a room that you have one and need a room with outlets (there is only one per floor).  Also go to medical and get a “pass” for it as soon as possible.

62.  Your first week or two will be medical check ins/up.

63.  If you need to be somewhere your name will be on a call out sheet that is posted in the main lobby of your building every night after chow. Your first two weeks will be medical call outs almost every other day.

64.  You need a bottom bunk pass if you can’t climb into a top bunk.  You cal also get a “soft shoe” pass if you have medical issues that make the work boots a hazard to you.


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