42-51 Visitors and Money

42.  You take turns cleaning and mopping your room but most rooms have at least one guy who will take your turn for $1.00 (mackerel). Well worth the $2.00 per month if you have a job.

43.  It takes about two weeks to get your family automatically approved to visit you.  You have to send visitor forms to non family and get approvals on them which takes longer.

44.  You can only make changes to your visitors every 6 months.

45.  Make a request for dental cleaning as soon as you can.  It takes around a year to be called once it’s in. (cop out)

46.  Put in a request called a “cop out” form for medical treatment as well.  Drop off the form at 6 am and return to the waiting room at 8 am.  Bring a book.

47.  There are stand up counts at 10 am, 4 pm, and 930 pm.  There are bed check counts at midnight, 3 am and 5 am.  You must be in bed for these counts so you need to pee in between count.

48.  Mail call is Monday through Friday right after 4 pm count and again in the evening at random times after “re-call” back to your unit.

49.  There is a commissary account where your money goes and also a pre-release account that is for pay savings or you can transfer money in and out from your commissary like savings and checking.

50.  To put money on your phone you dial 118 and follow prompts

51.  the education department gets $2500.00 for enrolling prisoners into the GED program.  If your pre-trial investigation report is not worded properly, they will make you enroll until you can get your transcript sent to them from the state or school.  There are college graduates who are taking the GED.

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