Fed Time 101: The final tidbits

65.  Rooms are searched randomly. Keep your locker locked when not in your room for extended periods.

66.  Tea, coffee and tang are the most effective drinks to keep.  Sodas are $6.00 for a six pack.

67.  Bring two pair of glasses (in a soft case) with you.  It takes years to get a pair of issues glasses.

68.  Have all dental work complete before entering.  People have waited up to 7 years for dentures.

69.  Have your judgement and commitment sent to you as soon as you get permanent housing.  They prison may not get theirs for months after you arrive.

70.  All of this is subject to change at any time.  Prison can be lots of fun or big trouble (depending on your nerves).  BOP means Backwards on Purpose or Beyond Ordinary Perception.


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