Prison Pets

Hi Guys:

Just wanted to send some anecdotes to give a bit of a picture of life here in the garden spot.

If any of you remember XXX’s stories about cats, they were right on the money.  There are around 10 to 12 feral cats on the East side and about the same on the West Side.  They are fed by the cat lovers.  The currency here is stamps and mackerel (tuna is used occasionally for trade),  When they get near expiration date, if not eaten, then the cats get them.  They also get fed food lifted from the chow hall.  They are all in good health and have their shots and are neutered.  They have names and are usually kitten litters dumped off at the military housing down the road.  I’m allergic  to the little bastards so they get no quarter from me.

The other “pets” on both compounds are the groundhogs.  They have their dens drilled into the ground right on the lawn near a couple of buildings.  We’re not supposed to fee them but they are the fattest groundhogs I have ever seen.  They get fed peanut butter and almost any other thing you can think of.  There are around 4 of them on our side.  The look really funny when they get jolly ranchers stuck to their chests.  They’re about the size of a female Rottweiler but they will take a plastic spoon of peanut butter with their hands and look almost human when they eat. The Puerto Ricans killed one during a hunger strike a few years ago. I missed that.  They said there was blood everywhere and the cops thought there was a brawl in there.

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