Hunger Strikes and Contraband

The building I was in last month was marked for renovation but in December, before I got here, they went on a hunger strike.  I forget why, but during the strike, you all strike, not just some.  One bone-head went to eat at chow time and got his face smashed in.  They put a combination lock in a tube sock and beat him senseless.  The guards showed up in full riot gear.  The BOP put bag lunches in the stairwells so they could claim to attempt to feed them but the guys just pissed in the bags and threw them down the steps again.  That’s why they warn you to keep an emergency food supply in your locker.

There’s all types of illegal contraband here.  The drugs range from cigarettes, K-2, Deuce, weed, to crack and heroin. It’s not overt but it’s here. Cell phones are all over too.  They go for $1500 to $1700.  At times you have to wait out a phone call in the toilet stall or go to another bathroom.

They do shakedowns in the rooms periodically.  This is a normal routine so you have to keep you illegals hidden all the time.  If you locker happens to be open, they will go through it.  There’s one overly zealous female guard here.  She’s been locked out of the room and shut in air vents by the boys but she doesn’t give up.

One building is designated as “enhanced living” experiment.  They take all of the bad guys and put them in one building.  You have to have taken a “shot” to be housed there.  This was some rocket scientist’s brain child. So now all of the white lightening and hooch are distilled there as well as the drugs and any other illegal stuff that comes in.  The place is a pig sty.  They were on lock down a couple of months ago because they were making liquor in all the 3rd floor bathrooms (4 of them).  They have a “mad shitter” who dumps on the bathroom floor randomly.

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