Six Months In

Greetings from the “Guarded State”

Please forgive any repetitive anecdotes. I forget who I wrote what to sometimes.  November is my 6 month anniversary.  No party planned but these sickos will probably make a pizza event out of it.  One of my cellies was in 12 step and I’ve asked my sponsor to send a book so we can compare with his.

I’m still sober even though the place is a veritable smorgasbord of vice.  I’m listening to the Eagles take care of the Vikings.  The football pools here are in full swing and can be quite lucrative.  Work is fun and makes the day go by.  XX  was right.  The plumbers have the run of the place but my shop isn’t far behind.  They have to break walls to get to pipes and we have to replace cinder-block when they do.  If we’re not fixing their leak jobs, we’re patching ceilings or wall “safes.”  They hide the fermenting liquor bag behind the urinals so we have to replace the block when the cops find them.

They change the menu every six months.  Enclosed is the latest. As institution food goes, it’s pretty good.  Better than state from what I hear, almost as good as rehab.  Last week they added apples to the roast pork bbq that was as good as any I’ve had.  Either the apples were going bad or one of the units didn’t steal them all to make booze that week.

I still can’t get oreos at the commissary but they’ve added bras, panties and secret deodorant.  Go figure.  You have to special order from psychology to get them.  We’ve been keeping up with the Donald and Hillary comedy hour and there is plenty of football to watch.

XX asked me what the most surprising thing about prison is and I had to think about it for a bit.  The most sobering thing was meeting a man my own age who is in for his second computer sex offense as well as a 40 year old who is also in a second time for downloading.  Ten years immediately for both.  And a gentleman who returned for 11 months because his PO caught him in the children’s section of Barnes and Noble.  I’ll keep updating the prison file and send you any other things that could be helpful.


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