Movies and Passing Time

Just a quick note.  I was going to be an anarchist but there’s no need now, I can go back to being a republican.  They’re better funded than the anarchists anyway.  Who knew?

Since I work in building maintenance and construction the big joke is that we are all being transferred to the border to build the wall.  That may be good.  It’s cold as fuck here right now (November ’16).  It’s warm in the buildings but I have to get used to the cold a bit, then I’m ok.  Its the arthritis.

The new movie list is out so I am sending it as an example.  They’re not find behind the initial releases considering it’s prison.  There’s also a lot of football to watch (and bet on).

Some folks here are opening businesses and I am doing the advertising.  I also do monograms and make things out of plastic hangers like hooks and towel racks.

I’m getting email approval as I write this so I’m going to send you something as soon as I figure it out. I’m told it looks like spam when you get it. The system is called Truelink.

Well, I hope that everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.  Our building is first to chow this week so we’ll be able to get everything on the menu.  If you eat last you risk running out of things til you get there.  I hear the meal is actually pretty good.

They put some new stuff on the write-in commissary list like Christmas cupcakes and white chocolate mint candy bars.

You really learn to scrounge here. I’ve been lucky to have good mentors and a job that lets us move around the compound a lot.  Plus people are always marketing something.  I’ve been able to come up with extra jackets, blankets, sheets and cases, shoes and food items.  I make tea with cinnamon, ginger and dried orange peel courtesy of the black market.  It’s “constant comment” Prison style.  I split a ream of paper with my roomie for $5.  Whenever you pass the foil packages of tuna and mackerel in the supermarket, think of me!  I still haven’t eaten the shit.  Just use it for money. BAIT!  If you buy some simple sauces you can make what is at the chow hall taste better if it’s bland. I keep soy sauce, asian sweet and sour hot sauce, Louisiana hot sauce and salsa.  The Goya season packets are good too.  You can do what you can to make life bearable and make your time move along.

I met another second time sex offender.  The count is getting scary.  I’m waiting for my 12 step book.  I have been beating the bushes for prospects.I have one guy I am going to sponsor.  I’ts a bit weird sitting at chow and have someone make a joke or reference to some of the stuff we all were collecting.  Our theme song is Aqualung by Jethro Tull.


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