Winter Classes

I hope your Thanksgiving was as fine as it was here.  Nothing like having dinner with 2700 of your closest acquaintances.  There’s plenty of spirits here.  Just like home.  The meal was actually good.  Imagine Thanksgiving at the high school cafeteria or the hospital.  I was way full – chocolate ice cream and pecan pie.

I’m printing items of interest as they show up on our system and i hope to be emailing you soon.  I just had it approved last week but haven’t had time to sit down with someone to show me the ropes yet.  The A.C.E. notices and courses don’t do anything academically for you when you get out but it shows responsibility and builds your resume.  The other option is to sit here and drink and get high and fall on your face when you get out.

I will put together a day by day first week report to ease the jitters for new guests.  It may be interesting to look at the place on google earth before you get here and get the feel of the size.

So, I hope you all have a great (under the circumstances) Christmas.  My family are coming to visit me after Christmas and before New Years.  The last visit was in September and i just started working out.  I am down to 215 pounds and starting to get some tone.

The guys down the hall are deep frying a calzone in a trash can with a stinger and although it smells very tempting, I will not do that again.  I had one a couple of months ago before I knew how it was prepared.  It was heaven because they don’t fry anything here any more.  Heart healthy bullshit.

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