Hi Gang:

Sitting here in my office (bunk) listening to Hannity and whipping up a rough overview of the bathroom situation here.  One of my questions before I got here was the bathrooms.  It never got to where I knew the answer to that until I got here so here it is.

The showers are singles with a plastic curtain that is white in the middle so only your head and feet show.  The rule is when you walk through to your shower you announce “coming through” so nobody opens the curtain to get a towel or boxers off the peg hooks on the opposite wall.  You also obviously keep your eyes on the floor.  You always wear shower shoes which come in sandal or croc style.  The sandals are cheaper but they look bad.  All changing is done behind the curtain.  If you see more than two feet in a shower you may want to move on or wait awhile.

The toilets are one stalls with walls that come up to about 5 1/2 feet. You have to ask about the stalls.  In some units the first one or two nearest the door are for urinating only.  In some units it’s more apparent because there is piss all over the floor and the seat.  Same rule applies as the shower.  More than one pair of shoes in a stall and you want to move on down the line.  Courtesy flushing is a must.  If you don’t you will hear about it.  You bring your own toilet paper and always bring a squirt bottle of cleaner for the seat.  Most rooms have a squirt bottle of cleaner but hand sanitizer works well.  When that is finished you fill the empty bottle with cleaner from the mop room which is free.

If using the urinals although there are three and there are partitions between them it has always been prison custom to have only one person at a time use them unless you are in a 6 man urinal wall then you use opposite ends.  If somebody tells you you’ve got a nice watch then you are standing too close.

Sinks are open territory.  You use discretion until they all fill up and then use just be careful and polite.  There are no mirrors so you bring your own plastic mirror purchased from the commissary.  Wet toilet tissue is good for sticking it to the wall. Mirrors are lost or frequently forgotten.  If you put your name and room number and bunk assignment on back you have a 50/50 chance of getting it back.

The private shower stalls and urinals are the result of the PREA which is the Prison Rape Elimination Act.  This is the big buzz on prisons right now. Currently there are 20 rape cases being investigated which out of 2700 inmates is less than 1% so it is probably in line with outside averages I guess.  I don’t have those numbers handy.

It is good to take showers at off peak times if you can.  The bathrooms have exhaust fans so they are also the smoking room.  You an get up to a dozen people trying to smote at the urinals near the window especially after the 930 count or at half time in football or basketball games.  Also, smoking deuce, which is synthetic pot, is popular.  You can get a buzz just taking a shit.

So I hope this helps take some of the “Oz” out of the mind set of any self surrenderer.  Things are well with me.  Had a 4 day weekend, walked miles around the track Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

prison bathroom

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